Public debate held

A public debate was held in Zagreb on March 17th on the proposal for a World Bank loan to HŽ Infrastructure, HŽ Cargo and HŽ Passenger Transport.

All those interested were invited to be informed of the projects which would be covered by the loan, as well as the procedures concerning environmental protection for project evaluation.
The primary objective of the loan is to reinforce and support the Sustainable Croatian Railways in Europe Project, the implementation of the restructuring programme and structural reforms aimed at maintaining and investing in the infrastructure, the retrenchment of employees and financing other activities according to the business plans of all three companies.
In accordance with World Bank procedures in regard to environmental protection, HZ Crago is obliged to consult with non-governmental organisations and other interested parties during the evaluation process.

The deadline for submitting opinions, objections and proposals in connection to the Environmental protection procedure for project evaluation is March 20th 2015. You may view the presentation here.

We invite public for submission of the opinions and suggestions on proposed Environmental Management Procedures no later than March 20, 2015 on:
Fax:   01 4577617
Postal adress:

HŽ Cargo d.o.o.
10 000 Zagreb, Trg kralja Tomislava 11/I
  (for Call for Public Consultation)


Environmental Management Framework

hecklist of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

esettlement Policy Framework for Sustainable Croatian Railways in Europe Project (SUCRE)