Combined transport

HŽ Cargo d.o.o. provides “door-to-door” service to its users. Depending on the kind of goods and the route this transport service is often carried out by using combined transport in special freight units on vehicles of at least two traffic branches.

In this way, the advantages of rail and road freight transport are optimally used.

Shifting freight transport from the road to the railway in the long term will result in positive effects in the economy and traffic – roads are less congested, the number of accidents is reduced, energy sources saved, space is used economically and the level of environment pollution and noise is reduced.

HŽ Cargo d.o.o. cooperates every day with domestic and international combined transport operators, forwarding companies, road carriers, shippers, owners of container terminals, manufacturers, shipping agents and port administrations.

Advantages of combined transport:
  • speed
  • reliability
  • complete service
  • environmentally friendly
  • more acceptable prices

Types of intermodal units:
  • big containers
  • swap bodies
  • truck semi-trailers
  • road freight vehicles in the Ro-La system
  • other intermodal units


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