Vision, Mission...

Vision and Mission of HŽ Cargo

Create a market oriented company which will provide its services in a competitive, safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Providing rail freight transport services and permanent meeting of demands of buyers and users of services, the owner and other interested parties by applying highly standardised technologies and with the help of competent and motivated employees.

Management board

Dragan Marčinko

Board Member

Minister in charge of transport

Company Assembly

Nenad Mrgan, member, Employee Representative

Supervisory board

Audit board


  • provision of railway services
  • manufacture of spare parts for railway vehicles
  • maintenance of power plants and systems
  • transport of persons and cargo for own needs
  • tasks of certification of legal criteria and / or tasks of preparation of legal criteria for certification
  • manufacture and repair of instruments and apparatus for measuring, checking and testing
  • repair of railway vehicles and other locomotives and rolling stock
  • technical testing and analysis activities
  • repair and maintenance of motor vehicles

Owned companies

The Company is in 100% owned by HŽ Cargo d.o.o. (daughter company)

Wagon maintance d.o.o.

Address: Strojarska 17, 10 000 Zagreb

Phone: +385 1 6158-954

Fax: +385 1 3783-037